Direct Medics Ltd is committed to help in the fight against modern slavery. As a people centered business, we take the issue extremely seriously and continually strive to prevent and overcome this blight on our society. Consideration and mitigation of these risks are built into our teams’ behaviours and processes via our internal values of Integrity, Collaboration, Responsiveness and Resourcefulness.

Our Business Structure

Direct Medics is a multi-disciplinary medical recruitment agency supplying doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, healthcare assistants and primary care staff to NHS Hospitals including the private medical sector and other public agencies such as HMPs across the UK.

Our Policies

We have a number of policies in place to ensure that we are always providing best-in-class service and support to our employees, clients, candidates, suppliers, greater communities and the environment.

As a Framework Agency for NHS clients, we are governed both by the requirements of our contracts (including NHS Employment check Standards on Identity Verification and right To Work) and relevant employment legislation. We are corporate members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and operate within the REC Code of Conduct. Our own Equal Opportunities Policy dictates that we rigorously apply our basic principles of respect and fair employment for all clients and candidates with whom we interact.

Our Processes

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified business, we implement stringent processes maintaining quality and compliance throughout our operations. Our teams are provided with regular training and updates on our quality processes to ensure compliance with legislation and with the very highest ethical standards.
We have dedicated Quality Management team who carry out regular internal audits on our business and co-ordinates various external audits from independent organisations as well as from our clients. This ensures a regular detailed review of our processes and procedures and ongoing continuous improvement.

When we meet with our candidates we take great care to ensure that they feel comfortable with our teams, that we explain our processes and procedures in a simple and clear manner and that they provide us with appropriate and valid identification and confirmation of legal entitlement to work.

Assessment and Management of our Risk

We are always cognisant that our suppliers must meet and exceed the relevant compliance standards, where applicable within the relevant supply chains, and ensure that we only align with suppliers that meet our ethical specifications.


Direct Medics transparent approach ensures that all candidates are treated equally and fairly. Pay rates are in the main set by our Framework Agreements and therefore consistent irrespective of background, gender or ethnicity. As an employer dedicated to education and safeguarding, Direct Medics has a dedicated Compliance and HR team whose aim is to keep our workforce updated and educated to potential risks and threats alongside legislation changes.

In addition to the ongoing training and the regular updates and refreshment of this methodology, this information is also clearly visible on our internal intranet, to which each and every employee within the company has access.

This declaration is in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Dated: January 2023

Signed on behalf of Direct Medics Limited:

Signed: Paul Mulvenna, Managing Director