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"I have been with direct medics since 2011. They have true professional working attitude. I have had no problems nor any disputes and have been paid regularly, faster than the previous locum agencies I was with. I have recommended many of my colleagues to join direct medics and would continue to do so."

Dr Darshan Kumar (December 2013)

"I have worked with Direct Medics for over one year now (since November 2012). My experience with them has so far been no less than outstanding and superb.
My day to day issues whether be related to paperwork, police clearance, payment or timesheet related has always been handled promptly and efficiently and have had no complaints during this time period.
Mrs Melanie Hilyar in specific has always been up to date of things, highly professional and exceptional.
I would certainly not hesitate neither continuing working with them or recommending Direct Medics to any of colleagues."

Dr Mohamed Abdelrahman Eltom Ziad (December 2013)

"I have been working for over six years as a locum dr in uk and have had all kinds of experiences and been in contact with Direct Medics from the early days. I am not aware of any relevant negative experience with this company, in contrast to to some other companies. Currently i am in employment through direct medics and very content to extend this further. Direct Medics works professional and staff members are always helpful and the communication is the best."

Dr Sukru Yildiz (December 2013

"I like working with direct medics because:

The process of registration with Direct Medics is well supported by the staff who work and direct the process well and ensure that registration is not a protracted event.

Direct Medics update of available locum shifts is by a method which is on a daily update and also this is performed in a manner that does not distract you from your normal activities and work ie by email and directed texts.

Direct Medics have worked well with the local Trusts to establish a breadth of types of locum shifts across all grades of Doctors, shift patterns and duration of shifts. Direct Medics will also negotiate on your behalf if you cannot fulfil all of the locum shift required as long as there is a substantial portion covered e.g. if you can not get to the site early or need to leave early there is flexibility. They have also locums outside of Northern Ireland and within the private practice sector.

Direct Medics maintain your personal data to ensure you are up-to-date in terms of employment e.g cv / references / NI clearance status / occupational health checks. This is a well organised and structure service which ensures you are not being constantly annoyed by the agency every time you apply for a locum shift.

Direct medics have never been late with their payments nor have they ever underpaid me. The shifts are fully paid and in a timely fashion usually within a week of timesheet submission.

Direct Medics also are very supportive if there are any queries between the trust and yourself, e.g the necessity of performing a death certificate or cremation form or seeking some clarification about any incident that may have occurred.

Direct Medics will also provide advice about other aspects such as financial advice and accountancy related advice.

On the whole the last nine years that I have been a locum agency doctor with Direct Medics the service they provide me is outstanding and results in theTrusts getting doctors of appropriate training and experience to fill gaps in the rota ensuring that there is not extra burden on the staff already present."

Dr Mark Cross (December 2013)

I have worked with other Locum agencies before I was introduced to Direct Medics. The Staff at Direct Medics especially Melanie, are professional but add a personal touch to any contact with clients: prompt returning of calls, calls to find out how your coping in a new post, calls to clarify / confirm any information needed.
Most of all in a world full of cynicism, being seen as an individual not just another locum doctor.

Dr Susan Okigbo (December 2013)

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