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Maintaining your Prescribed Connection to Direct Medics

Your designated body is the organisation through which you carry out all or most of your recent UK-based work. In the event that you have not carried out any work with Direct Medics in the recent past, we would no longer be regarded by the GMC as being your designated body.

This is not unusual; for locum doctors especially, your designated body can and most likely will change frequently throughout the revalidation cycle and indeed throughout your career. The identity of your designated body is much less important than demonstrating that you are continually engaging in revalidation, meaning an annual appraisal and multi-source feedback at least once every five years.

In the event that you are no longer a prescribed connection, you will be informed by us. At this point you would have a few options available to you:

1. Identify your current designated body: If you have carried out work through another UK-based organisation recently, they may well be regarded as being your designated body at this time. You will shortly be removed from the Direct Medics list of prescribed connections and you may receive a request from the GMC to identify your new designated body; if you have an organisation in mind you can do this by logging on to your GMC Connect account and selecting your current employer from their list of designated bodies;

Declare that you have no prescribed connection: In this case, the GMC would revalidate you directly if you can provide then with the relevant evidence;

3. Relinquish your License to Practise whilst maintaining your place on the register: This option would remove from you the responsibility to be annually appraised, however this would also prevent you from carrying out any work in the UK. Your name would remain on the register and when you wish to work you can reinstate your License – and at that point you would then be obliged to make immediate arrangements to be appraised. Full guidance on relinquishing your License can be found here.

When you next book locum work with Direct Medics, you would again become eligible to make a connection with us.
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