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The requirement on all GMC-registered doctors to complete an annual appraisal is a cornerstone of the revalidation process.

Our Responsible Officer must ensure that annual appraisals are completed for all of our Prescribed connections, which are based on the core guidance for doctors set out in the Good Medical Practice (GMP). Your appraisal must meet all of the following criteria:

•  Be carried out by a registered and licensed medical practitioner
•  Comply with the Good medical practice framework for appraisal and revalidation
 Cover and reflect upon your whole practice and performance as outlined in the Supporting information for revalidation and appraisal guidance
 Involve a face-to-face discussion
•  Be supported by appropriate systems and processes, and adequate resources (including time and finance)
•  Be able to be verified as having taken place”.

Your appraiser must hold registration and a licence to practise with the GMC. This element of the regulations may present a challenge to those doctors who work outside the United Kingdom however there are UK-based companies which offer this service. We will provide you with details for such companies should you require it.

Full details on the appraisal process can be found in our
Medical Appraisal Policy.

Based on the feedback from your appraisals as well as other information drawn from our clinical governance systems, every 5 years our Responsible Officer will make a recommendation to the GMC that each of our doctors’ licenses should be revalidated.

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