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The DM Way

Through the experience we have gained since our establishment in 2000, we have established “The DM WAY”, a set of principles serving as our minimum standard of care to our clients. Through “The DM WAY” our clients are assured of a trustworthy and meaningful partnership with our company.

For our clients, “The DM WAY” means...

We NEVER cold-call for vacancies

When you need our assistance, your vacancy will be advertised promptly on our website and via email, SMS and telephone to our doctors

No doctor will be put forward to you for consideration without the doctor’s prior knowledge and consent

We will only put forward doctors closely examined for their suitability

We will provide progress reports on vacancy searches

We encourage regular feedback from you on both our doctors and on Direct Medics staff

Our approach is simple; our recruitment team works with you to understand your needs and objectives and deliver workable solutions to your benefit. We take pride in delivering consistent and cost-effective results, adding real value to your organisation. As always we would be most grateful for your feedback on our commitment to you, to ensure that we have fulfilled them and to recognise those staff who exceed them.

Our out-of-hours service

The Direct Medics out-of-hours service has been designed to ensure continuity of service and accessibility as far as practicable. Overseen by the Recruitment team, access to our email, software and company website allows access to our vacancy alert systems thus ensuring all interested doctors can always be informed quickly of new vacancies, and all email to the team ensuring that any onboarding queries can be looked after promptly.

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